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Billing and Payment

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the service rates?
  • For laundry, we charge based on weight.
  • Hand washing, wash and press: Fixed prices per item.
  • Alterations and dry cleaning: Prices per item vary depending on the work and fabric complexity.
  • Cleaning service: Hourly rate of $50 an hour per cleaner.

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No, you do not need to provide your credit card information when you sign up. However, we will not be able to deliver your order unit you pay for it.

Payment is due before delivery. Once we clean your clothes, you will receive an email with a payment link, you can pay online or by phone.

  • CleanCloud App
  • Cash
  • Bank Transfer or PayID (
  • Business Invoices
  • Phone Payment
  • PayPal
  • NDIS Participant Payment
  1. Open the CleanCloud app.
  2. Navigate to “My Order” in the central section.
  3. Select “Pay Now.”
  4. If you have not added your credit card information, you can do so in this step.
  5. Enter your billing address.
  • Open the CleanCloud app.
  • Tap on the profile icon in the bottom right corner.
  • Tap on “Update Credit Card”.
  • Enter your new credit card details and billing address.

Yes, we do. Yet, please inform us in advance if you plan to pay in cash.

You must pay for your order during delivery, or we will not be able to deliver the order.

Which results in a $10 delivery fee and delaying the delivery until the next available day in your area.

Yes, you can pay by bank transfer. Please send your payment to the following account:

Bank: NAB
Account Name: NAJF Group
BSB: 082-356
Account Number: 75-691-1621

Once you have made your payment, please send us a confirmation receipt to

Yes, businesses can pay monthly. We will send you an invoice each month, and you will have two weeks to pay.

Yes, you can pay for your order over the phone by calling us at 0272333644. Please have your credit card details ready when you call.

Yes, you can pay for your order with PayPal. When your order is ready for delivery, you will receive an email with a link to pay for your order. Select PayPal as your payment method.
Afterwards, PayPal will direct you to their website to finalize the payment.

Simply provide your plan manager’s name, email address for invoice delivery, phone number, and your NDIS number. This way, we’ll email the invoice directly to your plan manager.

Indeed, we maintain a minimum order of $40 for all services. Even if your order is below $40, the charge remains $40.
We implemented this policy due to the significant fuel price hikes.
making it impractical for us to dispatch the driver for orders under $40.

If your order is below $40, the charge will remain $40.
This is because the increase in fuel prices made it difficult for us to send a driver for orders under $40.

Yes, there is a 25% delivery surcharge.

This surcharge will apply to all orders that are for same day or next day delivery.

The additional fee is is to cover the extra costs. These costs include paying employees and drivers overtime and using more fuel.

No, we do not charge credit card fees. We pay these fees ourselves, so you do not have to.

No, we do not charge credit card fees. We pay these fees ourselves, so you do not have to.

  • Input your credit card details into our app.
  • The system deducts the payment from your credit card once the order is complete.
  • There are no pickup and delivery fees in the Sutherland Shire & St. George area.
  • No delivery fees for larger orders elsewhere.

However, for smaller orders outside these regions, a delivery fee may be applicable, depending on the distance.

Yes, we may charge extra for items that are:

  • Heavily soiled garments
  • Difficult fabrics to work with.
  • Fabric embellished with beads,
  • Very large items
  • Extremely delicate garments
  • Made of leather, suede, or fur.

We will contact you to discuss the extra fees before we begin working on your order.

You will receive an email from Crisp Laundry Services with the subject line “Your order is ready for delivery.” In this email, you will see a link to your receipt. You can click on this link to view and download your receipt.