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Laundry Services Sydney

Crisp Laundry Has a Range of Services to Keep you Looking Your Best.

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Crisp Laundry is your new BFF. When you use our exceptional dry clean service, you are giving yourself the gift of freedom. Imagine never having to do another load of laundry again. Oh, and you’re going to look amazing, too.

Our superb attention to detail means no spot or stain goes unmissed. Dry cleaning is usually preferable for delicate or hard-to-clean garments, such as dress shirts, suits, dresses, and even pants. If a clothing garment isn’t dry clean only, but dry clean optional, we highly recommend opting for dry cleaning anyway. (In our experience, dry clean optional really means dry clean only).

Crisp Laundry’s in-depth dry clean service includes:

  • A thorough garment inspection to identify spots, stains, problem areas, or any damage
  • A spot clean using garment-safe chemicals
  • A dry clean using perc or hydrocarbon, or a wet clean
  • A delicate pressing using commercial equipment
  • A clean hand finish
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Say goodbye to tired arms. Let us do the heavy lifting! Crisp Laundry offers top-notch ironing services to keep your clothing crisp and fresh. We recommend ironing for all but the most delicate fabrics, which should instead be steamed to release wrinkles.

Our comprehensive ironing service includes:

  • A thorough garment inspection
  • For more intensely wrinkled garments, a short rinse cycle and a run through a steam machine to relax the fabric and achieve a preliminary release of wrinkles, then items pressed.
  • Items are then hung up (if you have specific hangers you’d like us to use, we can do that!)
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Hello, sumptuous sheets. Sleep better with crisp and clean bedding. Our bedding services will freshen up your doona, linen, and blankets. Bedding is charged per item if dry cleaning or pressing is required, or by $5.50 per kg if only washing is needed.

Crispy Laundry’s bedding services include:

  • An initial inspection to determine whether the bedding can be safely washed or requires a dry cleaning.
  • Bedding is pressed upon request
  • All bedding is folded and weighed to determine price
  • Doonas and blankets are charged per item
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Wash & Fold

This is where the magic happens. The magic of saving you time. Think of all the hours you’ve lost to laundry…that ends now!

Crisp Laundry’s wash and fold service is the perfect way to introduce more free time into your busy schedule. Let us do your dirty work. This service is for any towels, linens, and clothes that are wash- and tumble-dry-safe. Clothes receive their own washing machine and are sorted by color and cleaned according to your preferences. Plus, your clothes and fabrics are never washed with anyone else’s. Prices are generated by the kilo.

Our handy wash & fold service includes:

  • Clothes are sorted and washed
  • Warm washing at 40 C reduces bleeding, fading, and shrinking
  • We only use the highest quality Kreussler detergents – safe for sensitive skin
  • Tumble dry at medium heat
  • Neat, careful hand-folding by our trained staff
  • The service is finished by bagging and sealing your laundry to keep it fresh and safe
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Crisp Laundry offers services for Qantas employees! Your laundry is about to take flight and your schedule is cleared for landing. Include your Staff Number and Cost Center for service. We charge per item, but payment is not required by Qantas staff members at point of sale.

Our service for Qantas employees includes:

  • An in-depth garment inspection to identify origin of stains
  • A spot cleaning using appropriate chemicals
  • A dry clean using perc or hydrocarbon
  • A neat press using professional equipment
  • Hand finish
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House Hold

Those never-ending piles of laundry? They’re our job, now. We provide household laundry services to make running your house a breeze! We’ll take care of anything and everything that’s challenging or undesirable to clean, including dining chair covers, armchair covers, cushions and cushion covers, throw blankets, throw rugs, and table cloths.

Our household service includes:

  • A pre-inspection to identify the location and origin of stains
  • A thorough washing and drying, or dry cleaning, if needed
  • All fabrics are hand-pressed and sealed for cleanliness and freshness
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Need something fixed or clothing adjusted? Crisp Laundry is here to make sure you look your best. Our alteration services are available for hemming, button replacement, waist adjustments, tear fixes, and more. Services are charged per service, per item.

Our alteration services include:

  • We can measure garments and take your measurements, if necessary
  • We repair, then press your garment.
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Wash & Press

Crisp Laundry provides wash and press services for most shirts and pants. Clothing items that require more specialized attention, such as shirts that need extra attention given to their cuffs and collar, are not included. Our wash and press is charged per item.

Our wash and press service includes:

  • A thorough garment inspection to identify any damage, as well as the location and origin of stains
  • A detailed spot clean using water-based chemicals
  • Machine Wash using high-quality detergent
  • A neat press using professional equipment
  • All garments are hand finished
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Wedding Dress

Make your wedding day iconic. Preserve your wedding dress with our specialized services. Selling your wedding dress? We’ll make it look brand-new. Crisp Laundry provides high-quality cleaning services for wedding dresses, as well as other delicate dresses, such as high-quality evening wear.

Our wedding dress service includes:

  • An inspection of the garment to determine the best way to clean it
  • A spot clean using appropriate chemicals
  • A dry clean using perc or hydrocarbon, or a wet clean
  • We finalize wedding dresses with a detailed steam finish
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Crisp Laundry offers superior comprehensive laundry services for commercial facilities, such as hotels, restaurants, medical facilities, Airbnbs, and more. We clean and manage the washing, drying, and folding of linens and towels, as well as restaurant aprons and tablecloths. Additionally, we can clean and maintain work uniforms, including high-visibility apparel. See what Crispy Laundry can do for your business or rental property!

Our commercial laundry services include:

  • An in-depth inspection and itemization of all materials upon collection
  • All garments are washed or dry cleaned
  • Items can be pressed upon customer’s request, or simply folded

When you live a busy life, we know that laundry isn’t always the first of your priorities. Complex cleaning instructions, delicate materials and treasured items can make your washing day seem like a huge struggle and will have you typing “who offers the best laundry service near me?”.

The answer is Crisp Laundry. Our team is here to take the pressures of laundry off your hands. Getting your most valued and important items of laundry back to their cleanest condition is what we pride ourselves on doing best. At Crisp Laundry, we offer the most professional laundry service in Sydney and its surrounding suburbs.

Crisp Laundry services cover all bases

Whether it’s domestic or commercial laundry services you require, Crisp Laundry can get the job done. Our team carries out rigorous checks throughout the cleaning process and only uses the highest quality detergents and cleaning techniques to provide excellent results.

We are capable of providing all sorts of laundry services including dry cleaning, alterations, ironing, washing, folding and specialist item cleaning for important pieces of clothing, including wedding dresses. Whichever laundry services you book online with Crisp Laundry, you can rest assured that we are dedicated to delivering your items back to you with outstanding results that will show you why we are the number one laundry service in Sydney.

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