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Crisp Laundry has a range of services to keep you looking your best.

Dry Cleaning Services

Dry Cleaning

Our superb attention to detail means no spot or stain goes unmissed. Dry cleaning is usually preferable for delicate or hard-to-clean garments.

Recommended for: Dress shirts, Suits, Dresses, Pants

Wash and Fold Services

Wash & Fold

Clothes receive their own washing machine and are sorted by color and cleaned according to your preferences.

Recommended for:  Towels, Linens, and clothes that are wash- and tumble-dry-safe

Ironing Services - Folded clothes


Crisp Laundry offers top-notch ironing services to keep your clothing crisp and fresh. We recommend ironing for all but the most delicate fabrics, which should instead be steamed to release wrinkles.

Recommended for: All fabrics except delicate 

doona dry cleaning near me


Sleep better with crisp and clean bedding. Our bedding services will freshen up your doona, linen, and blankets. Bedding is charged per item if dry cleaning or pressing is required, or by $8 per kg if only washing is needed.

Crisp Laundry is a Registered NDIS Provider


Clothes receive their own washing machine and are sorted by color and cleaned according to your preferences. 

Recommended for:  Towels, Linens, and clothes that are wash- and tumble-dry-safe

Commercial Services


Crisp Laundry offers services for Qantas employees! Your laundry is about to take flight and your schedule is cleared for landing. Include your Staff Number and Cost Center for service. We charge per item, but payment is not required by Qantas staff members at point of sale.

Alteration Services


Need something fixed or clothing adjusted? Crisp Laundry is here to make sure you look your best. Our alteration services are available for hemming, button replacement, waist adjustments, tear fixes, and more. Services are charged per service, per item.

Curtains Cleaning


We provide household laundry services to make running your house a breeze! We’ll take care of anything and everything that’s challenging or undesirable to clean, including dining chair covers, armchair covers, cushions and cushion covers, curtains, throw rugs, and table cloths.

Wash & Press

Crisp Laundry provides wash and press services for most shirts and pants. Our wash and press is charged per item.

Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning Sydney

Wedding Dress

 Preserve your wedding dress with our specialized services. Selling your wedding dress? We’ll make it look brand-new. Crisp Laundry provides high-quality cleaning services for wedding dresses, as well as other delicate dresses, such as high-quality evening wear.

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