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Clothes Repair and Alteration

Revitalize your favorite garments or ensure a perfect fit for upcoming events with our expert clothing alteration service. From hemming, tear repairs to suit alteration, we cover it all, making us the top choice for alterations in Sydney.

Conveniently place your order through our online booking tool. Choose between in-store alterations at our Brighton Le Sands location or pickup and delivery service.

We’ll even give your garment a professional press before you receive it. Experience the best quality alterations in Sydney with Crisp Laundry. Book your alteration today.

Alteration Services

How It Works

Alteration Services

Get a quick estimate by adding items to your list

  • Find the item in the price list.
  • Tap the ‘+’ button next to the price.
  • Repeat for all items, even from different services.
  • The total will be calculated automatically.

$40 Minimum Order - 48 Hour Delivery

Trousers and Jeans Alteration
  • Shorten / Lengthen (Not Original)

  • Shorten / Lengthen (original hem)

  • Shorten Women Pants

  • Hem with Lining

  • One leg hem only

  • Take in / Let out waist

  • Slim fit pants

  • Replace zip

  • Shorten sleeves

  • Move shirt pocket

  • Shorten hem

  • Slim fit shirt

  • Shorten / Lengthen sleeves

  • Shorten hem

  • Slim fit jacket / coat

  • Replace lining

  • Shorten / Lengthen hem (one layer) From

  • Take in / Let out waist

  • Replace zipper From

  • Shorten straps

  • Slim fit skirts / dresses from

  • Small Patches from

  • Larger or more difficult from

  • Simple Button

  • Suit Button

  • Prices are approximate and may vary depending on the complexity of the work. The exact price will become clear once we assess the scope of the work we require.
  • The turnaround time for alterations ranges from 2 to 10 days, depending on the level of complexity involved.
  • To ensure a precise fit, we recommend including a similar garment when submitting your item for alteration.
  • If you have more intricate items, reach out to us to arrange a measurement session at our Brighton Le Sands outlets.

Estimated Price

The estimate is for your information only. The final price will be calculated once we clean your items.

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How can we ensure the quality of tailoring?

Our excellent tailors have over 25 years of experience, Our tailors pay close attention to detail ensure high quality results.

The time it takes to alter a dress depends on the size, the fabric, and the complexity of the work. Simple alterations, such as hemming, can take one day. More complex alteration such as taking the sides in, can take few days to a week.

The pricing for alterations is contingent on factors such as the type of garments, fabric used, and the intricacy of the work involved.

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