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Rug Cleaning

While regular vacuuming and the occasional shake will work to remove the loose dust and debris from your rug, you might not be fully aware of the deep cleaning that your rugs actually require. Just like other upholstery items, such as curtains and lounge covers, rugs absorb dust and dirt over time. This not only leads to them looking tattered and faded but can also cause bacteria to grow and infect the health of those in your home or office. This is why professional rug cleaning is so important. 

At Crisp Laundry, we specialise in all sorts of cleaning services — from commercial and domestic clothing cleaning, ironing and folding to upholstery services and rug dry cleaning

Rug cleaning to restore your rugs to their former glory

As an item in your home or office that you see every day, you may not realise how different your rug looks now compared to when you first bought it. But after a deep clean from Crisp Laundry, you’ll soon be very much aware!

Our team of expert cleaners uses only the best cleaning techniques, products and equipment to ensure that every order we get is returned in tip-top condition. From deep rug cleaning to stain removal and drying, we take the time to address specific areas of concern of every rug, so you can be sure that your rug is completely germ-free and will look simply perfect (like it used to) in its regular spot. 

To book rug cleaning in Sydney at Crisp Laundry, simply make a booking using our online tool. Not only is our online booking system quick and easy, but we also offer free collection and delivery once the job is done — there really is no better cleaning service than Crisp Laundry!


Although you might not notice it, bacteria are likely growing deep in your rugs. Even if you vacuum and shake out your rugs regularly, some grime can’t be vacuumed away and can actually cause health concerns for those in your home or office. Getting your rugs cleaned professionally by the team at Crisp Laundry will not only have your rugs looking and smelling great but also ensure they are germ-free and safe to be around.

As a general rule, most rugs should be cleaned every 12-18 months. However, there are other factors that might contribute to you needing to clean your rugs more regularly — such as the type of rug, its colour, its location and the foot traffic it is exposed to.

With years of experience cleaning both clothing and upholstery items, the team at Crisp Laundry has truly done it all. From washing to dry cleaning, ironing and folding commercial and domestic clothing, as well as experience with furniture covers, curtains, pillows and more, we are trusted to restore many people’s most precious household items. In addition to our team, we only use the latest cleaning products and have advanced cleaning equipment — ensuring every order is treated with the utmost care. To breathe fresh life into your home or office rugs, look no further than Crisp Laundry rug cleaning services!