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Looking for a convenient and reliable wash and fold laundry service near you?

Wash and Fold Laundry Service

Whether you need a one-time wash & fold service or a regular washing service,

Crisp Laundry is the perfect solution for you. We offer competitive prices and excellent customer service.

We service a wide range of suburbs in greater Sydney area, so we’re always close by. Book your wash and fold laundry service today and let us take the hassle out of laundry!

Schedule a pickup or scroll down to Learn the most common mistakes people make when hand washing clothes & stain removal hacks.

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laundry Services

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$40 Minimum Order - 48 Hour Delivery

Wash and Fold Cost
  • Wash Dry Fold - per Kg

  • Anti-bacterial Hot Water Wash - per Kg

  • Hand Wash and Delicate wash - per item

  • Sneaker Cleaning and Repair - from


Wash Dry Fold:

  • Washing and Drying:
    • Washing: We clean clothes at 40 degrees Celsius using high-quality Krussler laundry detergent or Tide detergent and the latest technology washing machines.
    • Drying: We dry clothes with a gentle heat of 55 degrees.
    • Folding Laundry: We fold clothes neatly and organize them by family member and type of garment. This makes it easier to distribute laundry in your household.
  • Precautions: To prevent colour bleeding, we wash light and dark clothes separately and include colour catcher sheets in each load.
  • Same day wash and fold available.

Anti-bacterial Hot Water Wash

  • This is suitable for clothes that can handle hot water washing without shrinking. Particularly for garments in aged care facilities and those soiled with urine.
  • Washing: Washing is at 65-70 degree
  • Rinsing: During the rinse cycle, we add an anti-bacterial solution to eliminate bacteria that could have survived the hot water.
  • Drying: We use a 60-degree heat for drying the clothes.
  • Folding: We fold the clothes neatly

Hand Wash and Delicate wash

  • Removing Stains: Initially, we take off the stains from the clothing.
  • Hand Wash: we wash the garment by hand using our mild detergent; in some cases, certain garments can undergo wet cleaning inside a mesh bag.
  • Drying: Subsequently, we lay the clothes flat on a drying rack to dry.

Sneaker Cleaning and Repair

We offer cleaning and minor repairs for leather shoes and sneakers. The cost depends on the amount of work and repairs required.


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The estimate is for your information only. The final price will be calculated once we clean your items.

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