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Ditch the Damn Laundromat:

Embrace the Mobile Wash Dry Fold Revolution

Ready to transform your washing and folding routine? Say hello to our Mobile Wash Dry Fold service, where convenience meets excellence right at your doorstep in Sydney.

Gone are the days of wrestling with your laundry bag, spending precious hours sorting, washing, and folding. Our premium wash and fold service is a game-changer, offering hassle-free pickup and delivery across Sydney.

Imagine your laundry, perfectly cleaned and neatly folded, returned to you in a blink.

This isn’t just any wash & fold service; it’s your ticket to getting back time & the joy of never having to do laundry again.

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wash dry and fold
wash dry and fold

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$40 Minimum Order - 48 Hour Delivery

Wash and Fold Cost
  • Wash Dry Fold - per Kg

  • Anti-bacterial Hot Water Wash - per Kg

  • Hand Wash and Delicate wash - per item

  • Sneaker Cleaning and Repair - from


wash and fold Sydney area prices

1. Wash Dry Fold

  • Clothes go into the wash at 40 degrees Celsius with Krussler or Tide detergent, thanks to our cutting-edge washing machines.
  • A gentle 55 degrees dries them perfectly.
  • Organizing laundry by family member and garment type, our team folds everything neatly for easy home distribution.
  • To keep colors true, separating light and dark items is standard, including color catcher sheets in each load.
  • Same-day wash and fold service ensures your laundry is ready when you are.


2. Anti-bacterial Hot Water Wash

This method works well for clothes that won’t shrink in hot water. It’s perfect for items from aged care facilities or clothes stained with urine.

  • Washing occurs at 65-70 degrees, ensuring thorough cleanliness
  • In the rinse cycle, an anti-bacterial solution joins the process, targeting any bacteria that might have withstood the hot water.
  • Clothes then dry at a consistent 60 degrees, ensuring they’re not just clean but also comfortable to wear.
  • Finally, staff meticulously fold each piece, readying them for use again.


3. Hand Wash and Delicate wash

  • First, remove stains from the clothing.
  • Gently wash the garment by hand with mild detergent. For specific items, use wet cleaning inside a mesh bag.
  • Then, lay the clothes flat on a drying rack to dry.

Sneaker Cleaning and Repair

We offer cleaning and minor repairs for leather shoes and sneakers. The cost depends on the amount of work and repairs required.

Estimated Price

The estimate is for your information only. The final price will be calculated once we clean your items.

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How to prepare clothes for wash dry and fold service

Preparing Clothes for Wash and Fold Delivery Service

To get your clothes ready for the wash and fold delivery service, simply follow these steps:

  • Gather all the clothes you need washing and place them in a bag.
  • Separate any items that require a dry cleaning service from the rest.
  • Remember, there’s no need to include laundry detergent – we’ve got that covered for you.

Yes, we specialize in hand washing garments, especially those made from delicate fabrics. Each piece is washed separately to ensure individual care. 

We apply stain remover to tackle any blemishes, use low water temperatures for gentle cleaning, and air dry the clothes to preserve their quality and shape.

When you catch yourself searching for “wash and fold laundry service near me,” it’s clear you’re in need of the efficiency and ease a wash and fold laundry service brings, especially one that offers pick up and delivery.

In the Sydney area, our service excels in both laundry and dry cleaning, providing you with top-notch care for your clothing.

The terms “laundrette,” “laundromat,” “self-service coin laundry,” and “wash and fold pickup and delivery” refer to different laundry service options, each with its unique characteristics. Understanding the differences can help you choose the best option for your needs. Here’s a breakdown:


Typically found in the UK and some parts of Europe.

A place where you have access to washing machines and dryers that you operate yourself.

May offer additional services like dry cleaning or ironing, either on-site or through a partner service.


Common term in the US, similar to a laundrette.

Self-service facility equipped with washers and dryers.

Customers pay to use the machines, usually with coins, cards, or a mobile app.

Self-Service Coin Laundry:

A type of laundromat where machines are operated with coins.

Offers no-frills washing and drying services, requiring customers to stay and manage their laundry.

May not offer additional services or staff assistance.

Wash and Fold Pickup and Delivery:

A full-service option where the customer’s laundry is collected, washed, dried, folded, and then delivered back to them.

Ideal for those with busy schedules or those who prefer not to handle their laundry.

Often subscribable, allowing for regular, scheduled pickups and deliveries.

Why “Wash and Fold Pickup and Delivery” is the Best Option:

  • Convenience: Eliminates the need to spend time doing laundry or waiting for machines at a laundromat.
  • Time-Saving: Frees up time for other activities, making it ideal for busy professionals or families.
  • Professional Handling: Your laundry is handled by professionals, ensuring that clothes are properly cleaned and cared for.
  • Customizable: Services often offer custom wash preferences, such as detergent type and fabric softener options.
  • Scheduled Pickups and Deliveries: Makes it easy to plan and manage your laundry day without disrupting your daily schedule.
  • No Need for Home Machines: Reduces the need for owning and maintaining your own washer and dryer, saving space and maintenance costs.

This service is particularly beneficial for those prioritizing time and convenience, as it streamlines the laundry process into a seamless, hands-off task.

Yes, dry cleaning can remove mold. The heat and solvent used in dry cleaning can kill mold spores and remove the mouldy smell. However, it is important to note that dry cleaning cannot remove the damage that mould has already done to the fabric.
If the mold has caused the fabric to become discolored or weakened, it may not be possible to restore it to its original condition.

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